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A Place For Hope.

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Featured Friend


Jimmy was the driving force behind Skylands Sanctuary. Before Jimmy, Mike had been rescuing animals for other sanctuaries. He did have a small piece of land that was fenced in with work trucks. This is where he kept three rescued goats, a bull and a couple of other rescued animals.…


Become Vegan!

Living a more compassionate lifestyle definitely includes veganism.   Although people might first try a vegan diet in order to be more fit and healthy, anyone can tell you that over time, a vegan's eyes will open to the plight of the animals that are slaughtered for the meat industry. Over 56 billion farmed animals…

Recent Rescue

Finally Home

Mother and son were on the loose in a small patch of woods for months. Lately, there were threats of shooting them. We were asked to try and step in.. They are now safely with us and we couldn’t be happier... Say hello to Frida and Al... ❤️❤️