All of the animals at Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue are special.

Every one of them has been rescued for the sole purpose of providing him or her a safe place to live a long and happy life with others of their kind. They all have a story and a name… they each have their own unique personalities and preferences just like humans do. They receive individual loving care with food, water, play, space to run, walk, sleep and have all of their medical needs provided for without question.

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Cows / Steer / Calves
Chickens / Roosters / Hens


A young man and his friends went to an organic family farm in order to buy pigs for a pig roast. Four of the guys bought piglets but the fifth guy did not. He was a 22-year-old. The farmer said, would you like this little runt because I can't sell him. He said yes and…


Andy came to Skylands together with another turkey named Robin around July of 2015. They were supposed to be Thanksgiving birds. They are called broad-breasted white turkeys. Someone just dropped them off mysteriously and didn't wait to give an account of their story but we know they're safe and sound now. They have such big…


Occasionally, Mike talks to local farmers. Around December of 2017, he spoke to a man who sells to farms. They had beef cattle. Mike said "you're gonna give me one of the calves right? I could use one. I'll take one and give him a good life." "We'll see we'll see," he said laughing. He…


One day, Mike received an unexpected telephone call from the local SPCA which is only about 1/2 hour away. They said they needed help with a pig rescue. When he arrived at the location they gave him, Mike could see that this was a horrible neglect case. Sickened, his first thought was that he'd never…

Brianna & Winter

On December 27th, 2018 Mike received a telephone call at about 2:45 am from a police officer friend named Brian. He was saying there was a cow that had jumped out of a transport truck right onto route 80 and that she was running down the side of the highway. Mike hooked up the truck…