All of the animals at Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue are special.

Every one of them has been rescued for the sole purpose of providing him or her a safe place to live a long and happy life with others of their kind. They all have a story and a name… they each have their own unique personalities and preferences just like humans do. They receive individual loving care with food, water, play, space to run, walk, sleep and have all of their medical needs provided for without question.

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Cows / Steer / Calves
Chickens / Roosters / Hens


Bronx was brought in by the Bronx animal control staff. Many times, animals are seen on the streets and are picked up with no real destination, so they are often brought to the nearest sanctuary. We weren't told Bronxies story but we're thankful he's here now. Bronx is a smaller phantom breed rooster and he…


Brooklyn was found running the streets of Brooklyn, New York. He is a male of a special egg laying breed. He's extremely beautiful, friendly, and is always nice to "his girls". He's the head rooster and even though he knows it, he's a really good boy. Everyone agrees that he is very good looking and…


Mike received a call from a local humane society and was asked to come help with a neglect case. When he arrived at the scene, he saw that the man had 22 goats in a very tiny pen. Many of them were already sold to slaughter so those could not be saved. They were only…


One day, Mike received an unexpected telephone call from the local SPCA which is only about 1/2 hour away. They said they needed help with a pig rescue. When he arrived at the location they gave him, Mike could see that this was a horrible neglect case. Sickened, his first thought was that he'd never…

Emma & Jackson

Mike received a call from a dairy worker in Connecticut saying they had a bull calf they would let go if he was interested. When he arrived at the location, he saw a tiny 2-day old calf. They said, "he's with his mother because his mother is sick." She was down with him on the…